Be More Productive

ProSuite has been designed to make data entry, retrieval of files and creation and filing of documents as fast and simple as possible. Customers depended on ProSuite to manage over 80,000 real estate closings in 2013.

  • Information is organized by tabs to speed up data entry and retrieval
  • Library of mortgage documents from all major lenders is maintained by ProSuite staff and saves you time tracking down latest versions.
  • Powerful search lets you quickly find any file, client or contact
  • Fast & easy to create and file Land Titles EFS electronic forms to myLTSA
  • Data can be imported directly from myLTSA title searches.
  • Mortgage instructions are received and imported into files directly from Stewart Assyst
  • Built-in contact database that contains most common names, addresses and phone numbers for lawyers, notaries, banks, realtors, and more
  • Document template library that contains current mortgage documents, Land Title electronic filing forms and more
  • Documents can be grouped according to user preferences such as type of conveyance, initial documents or reporting documents to speed up creating a package for a file
  • Documents are created almost instantly and generated to Word for storing, editing and emailing