Carrie Colson
Property Paralegal
McInnes Cooper
The Conveyancer is a user friendly and easy to navigate software for residential property transactions. The software has proven to be a huge time saver for me in my current position as a property paralegal. I am able to create and amend master documents as per certain specifications from each of the lawyers I assist. Master documents may also be amended (province-wide) with respect to changes in legislation by submitting a ticket to the Customer Experience Team. Software updates are frequent and easy to install and Do Process’ client services and help centre are top notch. Their prices are reasonable and I have received no complaints from clients with respect to the charges showing on their invoice. I sincerely recommend the Conveyancer provided by Do Process LP to ensure smoother transactions.
Rhonda Powless-Wortman
Law Clerk
Moore & Costello
The IDscan feature is fast, accurate, and efficient, which you can appreciate working in a fast paced legal environment. Producing documents in a timely manner makes life simple for all of us!
Anne Bennett
Kearney Law
The new PCLaw export/import functionality is great! I like the fact that I can enter everything into The Conveyancer and have it exported/imported right into PCLaw. It is also nice to be able to go into the Statement of Account in The Conveyancer to see what happened on a file instead of having to log into PCLaw, search for the matter, print the ledger and review the figures. I see a time savings of 4 to 5 minutes on each file and there are no more errors in duplicate entries since all the amounts are exported from The Conveyancer right into PCLaw. Great Job Do Process!
Beverley J. Kreller
Hunt, Miller & Co. LLP
I have been using The Conveyancer for about 16 months and regret not having had access to it for the first 34 years of my career as a Legal Assistant! Change is not always easy, but The Conveyancer was well worth the transition and no doubt makes me a more efficient and productive employee. I love the numerous time saving features that are available in the program, and the training and technical support is great. I have participated in some of the on-line seminars that are available on a regular basis and found them to be very informative and facilitated by knowledgeable and helpful instructors. When new features are introduced - there is always training available, at no extra cost. It is very user friendly and I would highly recommend the use of this program!
Annette M. Adam
Karasevich Windsor Jenion Hedley LLP
“I have been using The Conveyancer for the past 1 ½ years and it is a very user friendly program. It is a huge time saver especially in the summer months when things really start picking up. I had never used a program like it before and found with the training I received both on line as well as in office I was able to start using The Conveyancer immediately. I would also like to point out that any time I have had trouble I have always been able to get support over the phone and it has always solved my problems.”
Mark Woitzik
Mark R. Woitzik Barrister & Solicitor
The modern-day Real Estate Lawyer can not exist without Conveyancer.
Jeff Shypit
Robertson Shypit Soble Wood
Our paralegals love The Conveyancer. Those who have come from other firms tell us that it’s so much easier than what they were using before.
Sebastian Szemplinski
Szemplinski Law Offices
Top reasons I love Conveyancer; Document generation works with WordPerfect, which is superior to MS Word, Conveyancer allows me to customize templates and will work with me in figuring out the merge codes, Customer Services is responsive, and Per-use fees for low volume users, which can be billed as disbursements.
Fran Schryer
Lawyer's Assistant
Kenneth J. Conroy & Associates
Being able to order title insurance and to access mortgage instructions which completed the mortgage fields automatically and then import the documents directly to Teraview is an awesome advantage both saving time completing the mortgage both in the client's file and in Teraview eliminating errors such as typos, etc. We use Stewart Title and being able to complete same through Conveyancer saves time.
Nicole Bajor
Lawyer's Assistant
Peter R. Welsh Professional Corporation
I can always rely on a quick response from the Do Process team whenever I have any problem or question with respect to Fast Company (and fortunately I don't have problems often!). They are always professional, courteous and knowledgeable -- my issues are always resolved right away so I can get back to work. The program makes my job a lot easier and allows us to respond quickly to our clients' needs. While we have explored other options that have been presented to us, we have never found reason enough to make a switch -- when everything works so well there is no reason to change. Thanks!
Patricia Billard
Lawyer's Assistant
Timmerman, Haskell & Mills LLP
Ordering title insurance through Conveyancer saves a huge amount of time. The information required is already entered, but by telephone it is a duplication. Although cases happen when ordering by phone is necessary, it is the part of the program I appreciate the most.
Norma Orefice
Lawyer's Assistant
Nanda & Associate Lawyers Professional Corporation
I have been working with Conveyancer for approximately 20 years and have always loved it. It is user friendly. I love that you can customize documents and I get a thrill when the codes work in documents I have created or amended. Entering the information under the different tabs and producing documents is its own checklist. The software keeps getting better. Lender forms, schedules, interim and final reports, ID verification, etc. are things I would not want to work without. For a short time I have worked with Lawyer Done Deal and did not like it. I would not accept a position in an office that did not have The Conveyancer. I would not want to process real estate files without it. I know that there are some sole practitioners and large offices that do not have the software and that they just do not understand what the software can do for them, as it is sold, and when it is customized. It keeps getting better. Thank you.
Lawyer's Assistant
CEC Conveyancing Inc.
When I first purchased Conveyancer I was using CakeSoft and I could not believe that I was being made to change programs. I am a creature of habit and do not like change. So I got the program and felt so comfortable within the first couple of days that I could walk my solicitor through how to do things while coming out of emergency surgery. SERIOUSLY. The program is so simple & time efficient. Days in real estate are counted by keystrokes and I cannot imagine changing ever again. We had considered the online version but NO. I find conveyancer methodical and efficient. Please never take away Teranet Connect.
Marlene MacHattie
Lawyer's Assistant
Cunningham Swan Carty Little & Bonham
It was/is nice to have documents bring in the information that you input into Conveyancer and not have to type this in each individual document. Before Conveyancer, we had master documents but had to fill one in and then copy and paste the info into the other documents. Conveyancer also keeps all of your client info at your fingertips. If someone calls in about the file, you don't have to have the actual file in front of you but just have to look in your conveyancer file.
Julie Fraser
Lawyer's Assistant
Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP
Do Process Software has come a long way and as time changes so does Do Process Software, as they only get better with age. I remember when I first started using the Conveyancer program 10 plus years ago. It was a good program and completed the basic requirements, now it is a fabulous system and everything can be completed with this one software program. The training, the support staff and reliability is what keeps me hooked. I train all new employees to use the program , it's very effective and what a reliable asset it is to complete our job and the tasks at hand. Congratulations Do Process, job extremely well done.
Donna Fox
Lawyer's Assistant
Viner Kennedy Frederick Allan & Tobias LLP
The Conveyancer is a great product. It makes a high volume of real estate files so much easier to process. Do Process is quick and efficient to deal with any inquiries that I may have. Great product, great company.
Jay Johnson
Taylor & Delrue
The program is easy to use and efficient. I would not practice real estate without Conveyancer.
Leanne Ray
Lawyer's Assistant
Edylee Services
I use Fast Company all of the time. I have even had the benefit of using Estate-a-Base. They are both great programs. I have been using Fast Company for almost 20 years. It has great features including the Parent/Sub Tree button and adding in your own fields, but my absolute favorite feature that saves me a great amount of time is the list feature. Being able to create a list and show any field from my database that I require, even the customized fields, is a huge time saver. I don't know what I would do without the List feature!
Leanne Ray-Finlay
Lawyer's Assistant
AUM Law Professional Corporation
I love Fast Company. I have been using Fast Company for almost 20 years. I love the Parent/Sub Tree option to create an organizational chart. I love the fact that you can add in your own fields to cater to your firm's needs and that all the information that you need is right at your fingertips. The documents are produced quickly and correctly. I think it is a great program and would be lost without it!
Julie Porchak
Lawyer's Assistant
Nesbitt Coulter LLP
Our office has very recently started using Do Process. From my point of view, I am very very satisfied with the service that we have been receiving with Tony Arabia. He is always quick to respond and is attempting to resolve all of our issues. From using our former program, the integration with the mortgage and title insurance is more efficient and therefore saving our time in completing files. It has been a great experience to date. Like everything else in life we have had some difficulties along the way but our representative is quick to attempt to resolve those issues.
Helen Fraser
Lawyer's Assistant
Soloway Wright LLP
I cannot live without the projects module and convey.ca features, they make my life very efficient!
Rick Hesp
Hesp Professional Corporation
I purchased Conveyancer in 1992, one year after my call to the Bar. Mitch Brown, the founder and creator of Conveyancer, came to my office in St . Catharines to install the software and give me a demonstration. I've been using Conveyancer ever since. Like I said to Mitch in 1992, "it's the best thing since sliced bread!"
Danna Bzowski
Lawyer's Assistant
Dan Ronen Law Office
Ordering Title Insurance and receiving Mortgage Instructions through The Conveyancer has allowed law firms to produce less paper work. It also allows for less sifting through documents, instructions, etc., which creates greater efficiency.
Natasha MacLean
Lawyer's Assistant
Jeffrey D. Elliott
I love that once you familiarize yourself with one Do Process product, you can easily navigate through any Do Process product. The products are very user friendly and keep everything organized in one place.
Meredith Holmes
Clermont Clausi Gardiner
Ordering title insurance and receiving mortgage instructions through Conveyancer significantly reduced the time it takes me to complete a real estate purchase or refinancing transaction. It also told me that the banks and insurance companies are willing to reduce the amount of paper we need to use in any transaction so I stopped printing and copying documents so often!
Ilsa Kamen
Lawyer's Assistant
Newman, Weinstock
Very user friendly. When I first used Conveyancer I had no one to help me, I was completely self taught. I find it very easy to use.
Francine Boyer
Lawyer's Assistant
Alain Bolduc
I would never give up The Conveyancer and go back to the old method. All information entered is automatically transferred into all the documents, no need to retype every time. And it is fantastic for ordering title insurance. I have been a legal assistant for over 40 years and would never continue working without my Conveyancer!
Grace Grenier
Lawyer's Assistant
Chin & Orr, Lawyers
I like working with Do Process because all the normal real estate documents are in the system, if there is a problem we get great customer service, and the system is reliable and documents are accurate. I can't imagine having to create a real estate file now with a typewriter and carbon paper. Hail to Do Process!
David Cameletti
David Cameletti Law Office
Saving time not having to complete forms for every file after already inputting the data has improved our office workflow immensely. I will never go back to ordering Title Insurance any other way. I love The Conveyancer and Do Process and everything they've done for my business.
Stephanie Hermans
Waterous Holden Amey Hitchon LLP
Top 3 features of The Conveyancer are one, using the "tasks" feature to generate letters to pay out bills. The fact that these bills automatically appear in client reporting letters makes reporting easy and straightforward. Two, access to Form 9D and 9E on the "forms" tab. These document are easy to complete, and make private lending simpler. I had previously used the LSCU "word" format of these documents, and I found conveyancer way easier. Three, The ability to import documents from conveyance into Teraview. It greatly reduces the possibility of typographical errors.
Hubert Kozinski
Lawyer's Assistant
Waterous Holden Amey Hitchon LLP
Forms are easily ready for every transaction, easy way of keeping all information together and organized.
Zachary Zhou
The tech support for Do Process is amazing. Both LOFTI and EMP options save time. Easy to update.
Ann Wiersma
Lawyer's Assistant
Dube Law Professional Corporation
My favourite thing about Conveyancer is the preparation of Statement of Adjustments, it is less time consuming and there is less chance of error in the calculation.
Rosana Yaworski
Lawyer's Assistant
Delaney's Law Firm Professional Corporation
We learned multiple Do Process programs at college. It really is the only software that does the job we need to get done. Do Process also offers multiple training programs every month that make it easy to learn new uses for the programs.
Theresa Hamid
Lawyer's Assistant
Zeppieri & Associates
I have used The Conveyancer program since 2000, and highly recommend it to all real estate practices. I have referred several lawyers to purchase the program as it does all the work for a real estate practice. There are many shortcuts and it is the best program ever!!!
Melanie Bechard
Lawyer's Assistant
Corrent & Macri LLP
The Conveyancer is very user friendly and easy to navigate, LOFTI is convenient and also easily navigated and user friendly, and Customer support is excellent.
Natalie Oliveira
Lawyer's Assistant
Di Cecco Law
Do Process is very efficient, constantly updating and keeping up with the technology. Customer service is excellent and quick. Like anything, at first little bumps in the road, but after that smooth sailing and files and documents were handled much more efficiently. Not having to exit to another program to order Title Insurance did save a lot of time and it was like one-stop shopping. There are really no top 3, in my opinion, all the features make the work flow very efficient and much easier to complete the files. I would have to say the whole program is great.
Marlene Bilardo
Lawyer's Assistant
Law Office of Warren Rumack
I started using The Conveyancer when the company was 9 guys in a room in Toronto. I recall using the software and being elated as I had my own merge documents going on but this was much much more sophisticated. I recall calling and speaking to Greg Sparling whom I understand is now retired and us working together on the phone ironing out glitches in the masters etc.. It was my pleasure, fun to work with the guys and efficient. The software is soooo much more efficient of course these days. I LOVE LOVE LOVE importing up Transfers and Charges. I find a lot of users don't always use ALL the features of The Conveyancer which baffles me to this day!!!
Amy McDonnell
Heidemarie K. Kelly, Barrister & Solicitor
Being able to complete a transaction from beginning to end using one piece of software makes completing a deal much more streamlined. It saves much time being able to accept mortgage instructions from lenders and order title insurance without having to get documents by fax and then have to fax them back. It also reduces the phone calls as you know that the other party received your documents when done through one of the Portals. Great Job on an excellent and very useful piece of software.
Sophia Liao
Teranet connect, integration between teraview and conveyancer, is great, LOFTI, one click title insurance ordering is very convenient and document production is quick and accurate.
Brian Gregory
Brian Gregory Notary Public
I have found that the customer support for Brief Convey is excellent. The representatives are very patient and helpful. I find the program fairly easy to use. I like the integration with Stewart Title Insurance. I like how the updates keep up with changes in the industry.
Sandy Wilson
Lawyer's Assistant
Allan Francis Pringle
All in all, the Do Process program captures everything needed for conveyancing and the program is continually updated as our land title system brings new changes aboard. The initial training received and the continued support is just marvelous and I know that this support will continue on.
Candice Sifert
Paralegal/Conveyancing Supervisor
Drysdale Bacon McStravick LLP
I have been a devoted user of the Brief Convey system for many years as I believe that Brief Convey is the best program available to Conveyancers. Do Process is the perfect complement to the program because even though they bring many years of experience in the field of legal programs they also work hard to maintain that “small family run business” feeling that has always set Brief Convey apart from their competitors. With Brief Convey and Do Process, you speak to staff who understand your needs and urgencies as they have the conveyancing background experience.I look forward to working with Brief Convey and Do Process for a very long time and I highly recommend them at every opportunity.
Lori Mohabir
Galbraith Law
I love Conveyancer! It is has made my work life a lot smoother and easier. I am able to work smarter not harder! I love the connection to the lender documents and title insurance providers. It's very quick to correct a document by regenerating. I like that upgrades are done regularly and that I can request a new lender document that is not in Conveyancer and they look after getting it done. It would definitely be a step backwards if I suddenly lost the ability to work in Conveyancer.
Annette Adam
Lawyer's Assistant
Karasevich Windsor Jenion Hedley
The top 3 reasons I prefer do process are, the expertise and reliability from everyone I have dealt with over the past couple of years assisting me with my questions or working through an issue that I may have with the program and getting positive results every time. The program being very user friendly! The online training and personal training I have received has been excellent and there is always someone there when I have any questions.
Tracy Friesen
Lawyer's Assistant
Harry Wiens Law Office
With Do Process our office is able to complete real estate transactions much more efficiently and effectively. The top 3 features would be entering the information once and having it appear on all documents, the ability to change documents quickly, and having most documents needed in real estate transactions within the Conveyancer - eg. GST Rebate forms - no need to manually type this form. Using the Conveyancer makes real estate transactions a lot easier. It is a user friendly program! The technical support is efficient and quick! I wish I would have had the opportunity to use the Conveyancer years ago!
Tracy Slemko
Biamonte Cairo & Shortreed
The files are completed quicker. I really enjoy how many of the fields are completed in the documents, it has been a great time saver.
Ardyth MacInnis
James L. MacInnis Professional Corporation
My favourite feature of The Conveyancer are, preparation of Statement of Adjustments as before we used to have to do manually using a calendar and counting the days, import of SPIN so that we no longer have to manually type legal descriptions as we do a lot of rural and those legal descriptions can be lengthy, and ease of ordering payout statements and communicating with other lawyers.
Rachel McGuire
William B.C. Gandy
The Conveyancer program has really increased our productivity in our office and has made completing a transaction much more seamless. I love that the Conveyancer does all the calculations for you for the Statement of Adjustments and Statement of Account.
Susan Dixon
Field LLP
While our office is just starting up with Do Process, I am impressed with the support we are receiving from Teri and am excited to use the process to make our work flow more efficiently and economically.
Leanne Painter
Lawyer's Assistant
Norman L. Tainsh Professional Corporation
I prefer to work with Do Process over any other company! I love, love, love the fact that I can input my own documents into the Conveyancer on my own, and that I don't have to contact anyone (unless, I'm struggling with the codes). This makes the system more efficient as I am not waiting on a tech to get back to me advising that they have my documents in the system. Makes the system more personable to our firm. The mortgage processing system, that has the most up-to-date forms, is awesome. Even if the form on the system is out of date, one click and the Conveyancer tech department is made aware of the new form and it is usually up on the system within the day! Great work! The account manager that we have with the Conveyancer is always readily available to answer any and all questions I may have regarding the system. She gets back to me immediately, that's nice to have. Thanks for all your hard work, making this system the best!
Leanne Glasman
Lawyer's Assistant
Layh & Associates
I find the ease of being able to load certain information into Conveyancer and have it load that info into the docs saves input errors as well as time!! Still learning all the things it CAN do for me, but so far, am loving it, and have recommended to another local law firm who also signed up.
Robert Arthur Robert Arthur
Robert Arthur Law Corporation
The Do Process system has resulted in a much more efficient process for dealing with all of our real estate transactions, which enables more time to be allocated to other office functions. The support received from the team at Do Process is excellent and very professional. This has been a very positive experience for our firm.
Trina Kobley
Ryan D. Schindel Professional Corporation
There are many reasons I enjoy Do Process. Do Process has very efficient staff to handle problems directly when you call for support and usually there is a resolution within minutes of the call. I enjoy working with Jackie Lombardo and corresponding with her directly with any questions or queries I have. She too is very prompt at returning my questions or calls and if she doesn't know the answer she either forwards it to someone who does, or she finds out. Do Process makes it easy to install updates and provides quick and easy notes to determine the new changes. Overall I am very pleased with Do Process and the efficiency with which we are able to complete our files. I'm also very happy that the Trust Statement was recently modified so that when you click up "automatically update", whenever a date, an amount or whatever changes, it is automatically reflected in the overall totals. This change was absolutely necessary and is a time saver!!!
Sharon Malone
James B. Wilde Professional Corporation
Before we purchased The Conveyancer, it was always a concern that we had to type names, addresses, etc. a number of times in numerous documents and that we would make a mistake. With The Conveyancer, you just need to type it once, correctly, and then it is correct in all of the documents. Also, I finally have something to remind me that I need to do a Foreign Ownership form. That goodness for The Conveyancer!
Shannon Bridges
The top 3 things I love about Do Process; Jackie Lombardo's excellent training and support, ordering Title Insurance directly through Conveyancer, and generating a mortgage document flawlessly the first time!
Sandra Sheppard
Ove B. Samuelsen
The staff are so helpful and courteous. The staff make training easy to understand. Using Do Process makes my job less stressful!
Beverley Kreller
Lawyer's Assistant
Hunt, Miller & CO. LLP
The data bases are great - information needs to be entered only once - you can easily select repeat clients and access all their information instantly! Title Search Import is another awesome feature! Knowing that the information has been imported directly from the on-line LTO title search gives confidence that documents will be prepared without typing errors. The Document production is such a time saver! Absolutely love this feature. Watching all my documents pop up on my computer screen in a matter of seconds is amazing. No spelling errors, no need to enter the same information over and over again. This really increases efficiency and productivity. Thanks Conveyancer!
Jacqueline Williams
Prose Chowne LLP
I have not had a lot of chances to work with Conveyancer but the bottom line is that when I do it makes my life a whole lot easier. Having to input information only once makes things go smoother.
Helen Gladkykh
HG Law
That's a great software. I am using it since about year 2000 and very satisfied. It saves a lot of time!
Sheila Chadwick
Lawyer's Assistant
J. H. Eaton
Compliance letters are a breeze -- addresses pre-loaded along with content; master list of documents; reports are a breeze as long as you have filled in all the tabs.
Terence Lee
Terence Lee, Barrister & Solicitor
Prior to the use of Conveyancer at my office, I ordered Stewart Title insurance policies through STEPS. However, with the integration of Stewart Title through LOFTI, this has eliminated the duplicate entry of file information and streamlined my title insurance ordering process thereby reducing the overall time spent on each purchase file.
Charlene Vidal
Lawyer's Assistant
Bondy Riley Koski
My three reason I like working with Do Process are: 1. Great Customer Service 2. Program keeps getting better and better and training is provided. 3. Reliable company that keeps us informed of any upcoming changes we need to know about in advance to prepare.
Delminda Telfer
Lawyer's Assistant
Cram & Associates
We have been using The Conveyancer for the past 6 months and have enjoyed it so far. There was a learning curve as there is with any new program but slowly but surely we are becoming more proficient each and every day. Are dealings with the sales and customer service at Do Process has been great. They have been able to assist us with amendments to our documents. We know that as time goes on our speed will continue to increase and our production will increase. Thank you to Tony Arabia for introducing us to your program. Not sure if we could go back to the old way. It is great just entering the data once and our documents, mortgage and title insurance is complete. It may take some initial time in the beginning to enter the data but in the end it is quicker to complete the file. I would recommend the program!
Kelly Furneaux
Lawyer's Assistant
Vandeputte Law Professional Corporation
I really enjoy the Teranet Connect feature and was glad when it returned. It streamlines searching title and executions and gives the option to save the parcel to re-call at another time. Ordering Title Insurance is easier through Conveyancer and saves from hand-writing all the file details as it is pre-populated - saving me much valued time in preparing a file.The speed and ease in using Document Production is valuable and helps me to carry a heavy workload knowing the documents will be readily available and (with slight variation depending on the property) correct.
Paula Stewart
Lawyer's Assistant
Glen Price
It was so exciting when we first purchased The Conveyancer. In a nut shell it allowed us to become more efficient and we didn't make as many errors. We didn't spend hours searching for Precedents for documents that we didn't do regularly. The Conveyancer not only has the documents you use frequently but also documents that might come every once in a while with certain specific transactions. My favorite was the addition of commercial documents. We don't do a lot of commercial transaction so having the documents available in the Conveyancer was so helpful. We would not go away from using the Conveyancer and would recommend it to anyone!
Jonathan Weingarten
Jonathan Weingarten Prof' Corp'
1. I found Do Process to be reliable, trustworthy and accessible without to many complications, not to mention the fair fees. 2.The online staff was very patient, mindful & kind. 3. It helped very much, a real time saver knowing all issues are located in one format. 4. A. Title Insurance. B. Title Search. C. Templates. No doubt having the documents articulated and arranged to our needs saves a lot of time and resources enabling me to deal with multiple transactions at the same time. 5. As a new immigrant to Canada who joined the Law Society just 3 month from arrival, while straggling my way through personally & professionally, I found Do Process to be very helpful to take on legal work with confidence, knowing there is always some one to refer to on telephone help line. No doubt the guidance at the beginning was a real booster to my business and confidence.
Wendy Henry
Lawyer's Assistant
Fay A. McFarlane & Associate Professional Corporation
Three reasons for preference for Do Process: 1. Ease of use. Program is very easy to use 2. Consistently updated to improve the programs and adding useful functions. 3. TECHNICAL SUPPORT AND CUSTOMER SERVICE is great. The people who work in both customer service and technical support are the most knowledgeable and helpful people I have had the pleasure of dealing with. Any query is handled quickly and efficiently. Your customer service alone makes Do Process worthwhile.
Amanda Greenspan
Amanda Greenspan Barrister and Solicitor
3 features that I cannot live without: 1. The ability to import my conveyance file into Teraview to create a mortgage. I find this very helpful and efficient. 2. The program's ability to produce documents that are necessary and useful to real estate transactions. This too is helpful and efficient and saves me time. 3. The ability to obtain title insurance electronically in a few moments is extremely beneficial by making it easy and quick to obtain
Cheryl Findley
Lawyer's Assistant
O'Flynn Weese LLP
When the firm first purchased Conveyancer, it became possible for one assistant to complete more transactions. Since then everything has become electronic, including searches and registrations and, ultimately, more efficient. I have only done a few electronic Mortgage transactions, but found it very efficient, no more waiting for faxes!
Julie Carter
Lawyer's Assistant
Murray M. Lipton
I love using The Conveyancer software for my real estate transactions. It's one stop shopping really!!! I would not want to use any other software.
Colleen Morrow
Lawyer's Assistant
Valerie J.T. Ferguson Professional Corporation
Ordering title insurance through The Conveyancer is convenient and questions submitted to underwriting are handled very efficiently.
Christine Goodine
Lawyer's Assistant
Christopher G. Harrison
Top 3 reasons I prefer Do Process: 1. Reliability - the program works fantastic, but even when there are glitches, Do Process works diligently to fix the technical issues; 2. Outstanding customer service - the responses to any technical issues have always been dealt with in a friendly, courteous and expeditious manner; 3. Reliability - Do Process is always taking our suggestions and working them into the program to continuously meet our needs.
Amy Reyes
Lawyer's Assistant
Evans Sweeny Bordin LLP
Do Process provides me with an efficient program that enables me to work through my files faster and easier. It is a user friendly program and whenever technical help is needed, the staff is friendly and they guide me through issues step by step. Couldn't ask for more. Great program.
Darlene Graham
Lawyer's Assistant
Karl G. Melinz
I remember the first time I used The Conveyancer and could not believe how much time it saved me on each real estate transaction that I completed and wondered how I ever did my job before. My files and folder within my computer were so much more manageable. I could actually see what was needed to be completed with one simple click rather than rooting through the whole file. I can not imagine doing my job without The Conveyancer. I have tried other programs and The Conveyancer has so much more to offer and is so easy to use and the program is always being updated, which shows the commitment Do Process has to its customers. I have never had any problems getting support, including being trained and any further support that may be needed. I certainly like being able to check out to see if there are an on-line courses to keep me right up to date with any new upgrades or even just to refresh my memory. Thank you for making such a great product.
Beth Edwarsd
Bartolini Berlingieri Barrafato Fortino LLP
I like the speed at which I can generate estate applications and incorporations and set up minute books. The support staff is always helpful and service is fast compared to other agencies. every firm I go to , if they don't have do process, I make it a stipulation I want.need the software, happened three times so far!
Allan Mandel
Do Process programs, such as fast Company, The Conveyancer and Estate-A-Base: 1. Act as a check-list - so nothing is forgotten or left out 2. Speed up the entire process from creating documents right up to the reporting stage 3. Ensure that I always have the latest approved government and other forms
Aida Valois
I received excellent training and support for my first real estate transaction. Since then, I have come to rely on the Conveyancer for document production as it has excellent templates. At the same time, The Conveyancer leads me through basic due diligence procedures and with a feature that indicates when each section is complete, it makes my transaction run smoothly.
Fatima Melo
Lawyer's Assistant
Bodkin Law Office
I have been working with conveyancer for the past 10 years. Conveyancer has come a long way, it is so convenient from Title Insurance, Mortgage instructions and PCLaw It saves me so much time without having to go back to the other programs and typing all the information again. It is so great to be able to do everything from just one program alone. I wouldn't change conveyancer to any other program. Its simply just GREAT to work with Conveyancer and when you have an issue, all you have to do is call Technical Support and they are always available and willing to help you. Fantastic people.
Ian Gavaghan
Ian Gavaghan Law Office
We purchased The Conveyancer on a Monday, and by Friday we were producing deal documents, automated reports, billing and accounting statements. Conveyancer tied together our disparate title search, title insurance and bank instruction web applications and provided one unified efficient interface. It literally took 90% of the drudgery out of a real estate deal, and easily made the process 80% faster. It took very little effort to learn and as we used it, Conveyancer became easier and more effective to use. We think Conveyancer is great.
Kim Power
Lawyer's Assistant
Garvey & Garvey LLP
I started working at Garvey & Garvey LLP in July 2009, one of the busiest months of the year for real estate transactions. I had never used The Conveyancer software before and starting a new job at a small family-run law firm after being employed by a big Bay Street law firm for over 20 years was a little disconcerting to say the least. The Conveyancer software was so easy to learn and use as I didn't have too much instruction when I started using it (no IT Dept. to help me here). If an issue arose contacting Do Process Technical Support was an easy step and the Support Team were very helpful and friendly. Ordering Title Insurance and downloading mortgage instructions via Electronic Mortgage Processing make my workflow run more smoothly and efficiently. I love when I see an email notification that mortgage instructions have been delivered via The Conveyancer - it also saves a lot of paper which in turn helps the environment, which I feel good about. I know that there are still many more shortcuts to learn to make The Conveyancer work even better for me and hope that advanced tutorials will be offered again.
Joseph Virgilio
Joseph Virgilio Professional Corporation
It has made preparing documentation more efficient and with less stress.
Susan Assef
Lawyer's Assistant
Walsh Legacy Law Firm
Let me just say that I absolutely love how everything has come together! From the searches, to the importing, to retrieving mortgage documents, LOFTI and the creation of the files in ereg...everything flows perfectly. Thank You!!
Katherine Kaniuk
Lawyer's Assistant
Neal Kearney Law Office
I am a Law Clerk that has worked with Do Process software since its beginnings. Over the years I have been very impressed with the programming and features that continually evolve in all aspects of each software program. They are all user-friendly, eliminate errors and manage the file from beginning to end. The functionality is amazing and Do Process is continually upgrading as needed. I am also very grateful for the ability to customize the programs to my own specific needs, either by myself personally, or through technical remote assistance. Do Process has revolutionized the workings of the law office. It is hard to imagine how we managed files before implementing Do Process software! Law Clerks and Lawyers everywhere are thanking you for such innovative technology!
Susn Libanio
Susan M.C. Libanio Law Office
Prior to using the Conveyancer program, I had created my own legal template. However, it was time consuming and prone to inaccuracy. No matter how organized you think you are, the Conveyancer program is a vast improvement. I had no hesitation in purchasing the Estate and Will building programs as well. Excellent customer service is a huge plus, as well. I am never left hanging when my computer misbehaves. Thanks!
Merredith MacLennan
Nelligan O'Brien Payne
I have always used The Conveyancer and can't imagine trying to run a residential real estate practice without it. I also love how well it works for projects - it has really streamlined our ability to complete builder sales efficiently. I like that I can modify master documents, that I can produce documents for multiple records at once and that I can host document on your on-line platform for builder sales.
Zena Langendoen
Lawyer's Assistant
Papazian Heisey Myers
Do Process has made my life so much easier! Being in this line of work for the same amount of time that Do Process has been around, and using other companies word/document production, I know of what I speak! Do Process excels at making life easier, and that is what it is all about, saving time, saving hassle, and getting the job done. Thank you team Do Process - here's to many more years of being successful!
Robert Fuller
Brimage Law Group
I like Do Process Fast Company. It's very user friendly, intuitive even, properly priced and the help desk is quick to respond.
Teresa Smith
Lawyer's Assistant
Stephen Kylie
The Conveyancer is a great product that allows us to complete real estate transactions efficiently because all facets of the real estate transaction can be accessed through one platform. (One stop shopping for mortgage instructions, title insurance, Teraview, document production and accounting functions). The documents provided are excellent but the Conveyancer also allows you to use your own forms. There is great customer service with Do Process.
Sandra Hill
Lawyer's Assistant
Scheifele, Erskine & Renken
Do Process has enabled us to perform real estate transactions seamlessly. After entering in the information once, everything is prepared and accurate. I really like the LLC aspect of the mortgage uploading, as all the information is entered as required by the lender and you can request funds and send notes easily. The BEST feature of The Conveyancer is the Statement of Account. This keeps you up to date and on track. As soon as an expense is incurred, I input it on the Statement of Account. That way I just have to verify any expenses with Easilaw and then I can report my transaction on the same day as it closes. The Statement of Account does all the work for you.
Joan Rey
Lawyer's Assistant
Brian Wilson Law
The Conveyancer totally simplifies the whole real estate process in every aspect.
Laurie Robertson
Lawyer's Assistant
Robert G. Smart
My top 3 reasons for preferring Do Process: 1. Excellent support for any problems I have encountered with Estate-a-Base or Conveyancer. 2. Very easy to understand and use & excellent training available. 3. Always improving and making my job easier with frequent updates to the program. Happy Anniversary Do Process!!
Josh Malhi
Malhi Law Professional Corporation
1. My top 3 reasons for preferring to work with The Conveyancer are: (i) Teranet Connect feature - made life a lot simpler and easier. (ii) Excellent Customer Service - whether it's simple tech support or the ability to have Do Process code and customize documents, it all adds up to amazing customer service. (iii) Stability and Reliability - the program works without any major issues at all times and rarely ever freezes.
Lynn Lepage
Lawyer's Assistant
Colvin & Colvin
I have been using Conveyancer since its inception 25 years ago. I cannot imagine working without it. Here are my 3 top reasons why I cannot live without it. I have many more. 1. It is very user friendly. I have to admit that our office tried Realti Web and only lasted for one transaction. I told my boss that I could not get used to it. When I started using Conveyancer, I did not have any problems navigating through the tabs at all. The help keys are just that, very helpful. 2. I love that it calculates the Statement of Adjustments and how it appears on the finished printed product. I have seen many types of Statements in my day and this one is the best eye catching one. It clearly shows the credits for each parties and I have found that clients have no problems understanding the columns. 3. Just love the Achieve Scheduler and the Calendar. Everyone in the office is on the same page so to speak. The receptionist can access files and know who to put the call through. Our boss can see what appointments are coming up and get ready for them. I just cannot say enough about this amazing tool.
Deborah Grace
Lawyer's Assistant
William M. Holdsworth Law Office
I love Conveyancer for many reasons of which I will tell you. 1. Statement of Adjustments are so much easier than doing them by hand and eliminates errors. 2. Accounting and Trust statements are a breeze and also less room for error. 3. Transfer documents from Conveyancer to Teraview is a wonderful asset. There are many more reasons, but that is what has come to my mind. I could not live without The Conveyancer.
Magda Walker
Lawyer's Assistant
Kenneth G. Walker
Doing real estate transactions the "old" way was very labour and paper intensive. Conveyancer has streamlined the process and made it more efficient and the potential for errors is greater reduced. This is all due to the pre-population feature.
Doug Thomas
Doug Thomas Law Office
I called Gregg Ham about 15 years ago, when you first started the pay per use function, and we started at one end of town and went to the other and signed up every law firm that was looking at using software, but could not afford the full price version. That started a love affair with Do Process (a bromance, you could say) that continues to this day, The pay per use model was an excellent idea. That would be the feature that I can't live without.
Christina Ryerse
Lawyer's Assistant
Peter BonEnfant Barrister and Solicitor
With electronic mortgage instructions, Conveyancer simplifies the mortgage process.This allows for streamlined paperwork, without 50+ pages coming through the fax machine repeatedly (every time there is a slight change they resend everything for the file). Conveyancer allows you to have the paperwork only printed when required.It is also nice that the information can be frozen so that the lender is not making changes up until the closing date. Also, as banks change documents frequently any information they type in is automatically sent to Teraview when uploaded so we know that they are putting in the correct information. I use Conveyancer daily (I also teach a Conveyancer course at the local College) and am grateful to have the program and be able to take advantage of all of its wonderful applications.
Shannon Seifried
Lawyer's Assistant
Ian C. Boddy, Barrister & Solicitor
The Conveyancer program enabled me, as a new staff member just out of school, to learn the steps of a real estate transaction from start to finish. I never had any training using the program and found it very user-friendly. It clearly sets out the steps of a purchase, sale and mortgage from opening the file to the final report and everything in between. I LOVE it and always tell anyone who asks about what a great program it is! I could not imagine having to prepare any documentation without the help of Conveyancer.
Nola van Eck
Lawyer's Assistant
McElderry & Morris
I love Conveyancer. I have been at a few law firms (retirements and part time assistance) and when I find out they don't use it we get it implemented. The staff almost go into shock seeing how easy it is to use and how much of a time saver it is. The fact that it was originally developed by a real estate lawyer makes all kinds of sense. It truly is a program designed for real life work loads and allows a real estate lawyer to increase his/her workload and of course, profit. The people we talk to as techies are helpful, courteous and knowledgeable. (I love online remote support...take over my mouse as I am not an I.T. guy/gal) I could not live without the Statement of Adjustments, Trust Ledger/Account features, plus being able to produce all letters/documents after the simple entry of the basics in the database. Thanks to all of you!!


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