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Fast Data. Fast Documents. In no time flat.

For the fourth consecutive year, Fast Company has been awarded a Canadian Lawyer Readers’  Choice Award by legal professionals across Canada who voted for their preferred practice management software.

Read more about the Canadian Lawyer survey here.

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Fast Company excels in all three essential areas of corporate software applications: data-entry, document production and database functions. The data-entry screens are exceptionally well-designed in a clear, concise and uncluttered manner, making this otherwise tedious process, fast and easy. The abundance of corporate expertise and (user editable) presupposed fields built into the software, results in a remarkable 15 – 20 minute data entry process for a new incorporation!

A corporate solution that lets YOU collect the dividends!

  • Includes upgrades and ongoing support from our knowledgeable and courteous staff
  • FREE online training webinars!
  • Pay-Per-Use licenses, with client-disbursable fees
  • Powerful reporting!

Purchasing this product entitles the purchaser to a 30 day Evaluation Period beginning the date the software is installed. For the full terms and conditions, view the EULA.


Intuitive Completion of Reports

You can easily navigate, design and generate reports to your clients’ specifications, for large groups of incorporations. Fast Company will prepare the annual resolutions for an entire group of custom selected corporations.


Updates and Retains Records

The software’s meticulously detailed Corporate History records changes of directors, officers, shareholdings, registered office and corporate name, by particular date of change. This ensures that every record retains both the pre and post entries for a complete account of activities.


The Principals Database allows you to track incorporators, directors, officers and shareholders for each corporation, and instantly generate lists of all corporations in which a particular individual is or has been involved. You can also generate a graphic corporate family tree to illustrate relationships between parent and subsidiary companies!



The software was collaboratively designed and written by highly qualified and experienced legal professionals.


License Fee:


You get:

  • FREE Upgrades and Ongoing Enhancements
  • FREE Telephone Support
  • FREE Partner Integrations
  • FREE Training
  • Up to 10 Workstations

Transaction Fees:

Disbursable per record charges of $35.00 per corporation

Annually, records can be re-validated at the same price.
You get:

  • Full use of the program in any corporate record for which the software has been activated
  • Upgrades and Ongoing Enhancements
  • Free Training

Purchasing this product entitles the purchaser to a 30 day Evaluation Period beginning the date the software is installed.  For the full terms and conditions, view the EULA.


Sales & Support

Toll Free: 1.866.367.7648
Alberta: 403.671.8222
Manitoba: 204.583.8616
Ontario: 416.322.6111


After using Fast Company, I was surprised at how much more efficient I could be and how easy the program is to use. Doing annual corporate work is a snap, and updating registers, ledgers and issuing shares are no longer an issue, even after numerous redemptions for the same client. The program is awesome, and when I do have to call in for help, the staff are unbelievably helpful, very knowledgeable and cheerful. I wish I had this program years ago!

Lisa Sparrow
Campbell, Marr LLP